Online school of music
for adults and children
Learn how to sing, play the guitar and
the piano from the comfort of your home
Online school of music
Learn how to sing, play the guitar and
the piano from the comfort of your home
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Who are we?
Our school opened its doors 5 years ago. We are talented and friendly team with music in our veins. Each our coach has huge experience and developed their unique approach and methodology.
Our technique is
Our technique is
Individual programs and methodology based on worlds best star music coaches. We grow everyday to give you the very best.

Our achievements are your victories
We value each individual and work towards each goal: from overcoming fear of the scene and microphone to famous song contests preparation.
We work with
Kids and adults,
absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced students

Part of our team
These are only some of our many teachers! We want to find a better comfort coach for you
Vocal coach
This excellent teacher has trained over 45 laureates! Larisa is also the author of many songs. Concentration on the result and a huge arsenal of exercises of this teacher guarantees you a high result. She graduated from the pedagogical university (the MSPU).

Vocal and piano coach
She gradueted from Moscow State Art Institute. Sabina is characterized by versatility, she masters at a high level various genres of vocal performance from opera to pop singing.
Vocal coach
Sing and play the piano. I graduated from one of the best colleges in our country MMC named after M. K. Oginsky. I love to learn, develop and share my knowledge. I have a lot of experience and many great exercises for my lessons.
Guitar coach
Andrey was the creator and ideological inspirer of groups and successfully performed on the same stage with such stars as: Fools Garden, Okean Elzy, Nochnye snaypery etc. He' s a composer and author of his own songs, which often enter the charts.
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Record your lessons so you can watch them later. Online lessons mean more focus on the process and better results. Study comfortably, feel no pressure, liberate your talent.

Cool coach
Learn from qualified professionals from all over the world. Train at home using unique exercises and programs developed
by our coaches.

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