Start today
and you will play your favorite song in a month

Start today
and you will play your favorite song in a month
✔️ You can play an easy melody after a month of training

✔️ You will know musical notation

✔️ You will master basic techniques that will allow you to select a melody by ear or sight-read

✔️ You will be able to select different types of accompaniment

✔️ You choose the repertoire for yourself - it can be Bach or Mozart, or famous pop, rock songs

✔️ You can learn to improvise and compose

✔️ Develop finger fluency, get good sound

Lessons for adults and children
There is no age limit in our school. Our teachers work with both adults and children.
Beginner and advanced

We work with students of different skill levels. The main thing is to tell the teacher what your goal is. Then according to your individual needs they will prepare a program so you can make progress step by step every day.

Our teachers are qualified specialists with higher education. For the success, it is crucial that you are emotionally comfortable with each other.
What do I need for a lesson?

You need a tool and a device through which you will connect to the lesson, you can also use a second device to customize the side view of your hands.
(Preferably, but not required)
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